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Social media is a fundamental game-changer in today's society; as not only having a business presence is essential, but a social presence being almost mandatory. The Internet can still be a confusing place, but with the help of Pixify Social Management, the fabulous Internet may not just be an dark, scary abyss after all.

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Social Web Engagement

Lacking the time to keep your followers updated? Our team can handle your social media posting on a weekly basis to ensure your followers never miss a beat.

2 Weekly 125 Word Posts to Method of Choice (Facebook, Blog, etc.)

Tailored Written Content fit for Your Business

Reports & Analytics

Never fret about loosing followers by allowing our dedicated team of web engagement specialist to take the helm of your social media experience. With graphic designers at your disposal for quality created images and content writers to ensure an elegant touch.

Web Engagement Plan
£ 90 /mo

2 Weekly Posts
Facebook & Twitter
Copyright-free Images

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Dedicated Social Manager
£ 200
Setup Cost
then £ 50 per month

Personal Manager
Mentoring & Coaching
Anytime Cancellation

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Social Media Coaching

Our social managers are experts in providing quality mentoring to educate our clients about the powers of social media marketing.
Our dedicated plan will allow you to:

Monitor Website Visitor Recordings & Heatmaps

Use Google & Facebook Ads Effectively

Create Social Media Profiles (Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin)

2 Professionally Written Social Posts (125/words/ea)

Your dedicated social manager will be able to teach you the fundamentals of social media marketing, online retention strategies, remarketing ads, SEO, PPC and optimising your conversions.

Growing Your Social Community

Social media is a powerful revolution that demoninated the planet some years ago, therefore, we believe it's of great essence to ensure a properly maintained medium. Our team are diversifully skilled to help assist you with your online goals and expectations to ensure you're targeting the right demographics for your business.

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